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About Our Online Business

Our online store offers a comprehensive shopping experience for our customers who want to get straight to the point and get their merch ready to sell within a couple weeks time.

Further, as our website develops onstagemerch.com will become an integral part of our vision for a social media hub for working class entertainers of all walks. By pulling in the strengths of various platforms we hope to achieve a unique interactive experience for entertainers and fans alike. We hope you can join us on our journey.

One day in 2009 Clint Appelhanz and his touring band members decided they were going to cut out the middle man and print their own merch. Driven by the frustration of high product cost and unreliable delivery dates the choice was clear; it was time to learn to do it himself. Starting with an entry level printing press in the basement of his rental home an unlike business endeavor would begin. 

The journey would begin for Clint with guidance from expert printers (Dan Paisley, Troy Komacheet)  to obtain the skills to produce high quality t-shirt prints for local musicians and businesses.

Next he would join forces with his sister(Anna) to establish Reliant Apparel LLC. as a family business which opened its doors to the public in 2011. With steady growth and a seasoned staff Reliant Apparel LLC. has molded into a high end custom apparel business serving NE Kansas and clients throughout the continental U.S.

And now Reliant Apparel LLC presents-


screen printing

Spectacular full color and 1 color gradient screen printing

dtg printing

Great for full color 1 off and on-demand T-Shirt printing


Detailed stitch designs for hats, beanies, jackets and more.


Back patches, iron on patches, fabric and twill designs; WE DO THAT!

Our Presentation

From our hands to yours. We are proud to produce top quality printed apparel for the working entertainer. Merch is where the money's at and we are here to help get that money into your pocket. 

Precision Screen Printing

Stunning Embroidery

Clint Appelhanz

Clint Appelhanz

Justin Payne

Justin Payne

Print Boss
Kelly Bowers

Kelly Bowers

Thread Boss
Chelsea Mann

Chelsea Mann

Art Boss

About The Shop

Onstage Merch Co. is a custom merchandise company by working entertainers for working entertainers. Our mission is simple, supply hard working entertainers with high quality merch to sell their audience. As working entertainers we know it takes merch sales to keep the show going so our products are specially discounted to meet your pricing needs. Further, our future vision is to develop as an interactive social media platform for the working class entertainment community. Stay tuned.

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Monday - Friday .........10am to 5:30pm

Saturday ......................... Closed

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Call us:  844 224-7722

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